Radio remote control for stroke harvester

Radio remote control for STM400 stroke harvester.
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Product no. 21-STM400RV

Radio remote control for 21-STM400 stroke harvester.

Simplifies the use of the stroke harvester considerably since the tractor does not have to be fitted with a heavy and bulky valve block package.

Robust, weather-resistant design with protection class IP65, for daily use over many years. Two batteries with up to 20 hours of user time each, plus programmable control functions for individual setting of function speeds.

A four-step rotary switch sets the speed of all functions from 25% to 100%. Automatic frequency adjustment for interference-free use, plus data key for transfer of settings to a new transmitter.

• Parker P70
• Five section electric-proportional control
• One of the best mobile directional valves on the market
• Perfect handling and minimal pressure drop
• Swedish-made

Radio remote control
• HBC Radiomatic Linus 6
• 6 linear levers, 5 of which are used to control the stroke harvester
• 2 rechargeable NiMH batteries supplied (up to 20 hours operating time per charge)
• Weight 1.5 kg
• Strap supplied
• The radio remote control is set for optimum function together with the Kellfri STM400 Stroke Harvester
• Operating temperature range: -25 – 70 Celsius
• IP65 protection class
• Emergency shutdown