Tipping trailer ATV 500 kg with galvanized tread plate

Tipper trailer with galvanized tread plate and flat body.

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Tipping trailer for ATV with a tipping body with a space for EU pallet

• Stable construction
• Galvanized tread plate
• Heavy duty tires
• Body that fits EU pallet
• High ground clearance
• 500 kg loading capacity

The trailer is a multipurpose tipping tool. It is equipped with sturdy tires and a flat body large enough to fit an EU pallet. The entire body is made of galvanized tread plate for a longer lifespan.

The body is flat with arched inner corners, has a low loading height and removable front and rear panels for transporting longer materials such as smaller logs, twigs or fence posts.

The tilt shaft is centrally located under the body which makes tilting easier. Front-end latch locking prevents tipping while driving. The trailer has good ground clearance, well dimensioned and equipped with 50 mm ball glove for ball coupling.

 The trailer is light, flexible and stable and thanks to its large loading capacity of 500 kg, you can easily transport different type of materials.

 As an accessory you can buy extension panels. The extension panels make it possible to load bulky and other material such as garbage bags, leaves etc.

Extensions increase the trailer volume to 1,0 m³.

Please find extensions here.

More Information
L x W x H 2100 x 1300 x 690 mm
Max. load 500 kg
Tip Vinkel 45°
Weight 95 kg
Volume Utan förhöjningslämmar: 0,3 m³
Med förhöjningslämmar (tillbehör): 1,0 m³

  1. Extension bracket for tipping trailer ATV 500 kg PRO
    Extension bracket for tipping trailer ATV 500 kg PRO