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If you have an ATV you should also have a ATV trailer to match it; otherwise you won't get full value from your versatile vehicle. With an ATV trailer, you can easily get around out in the countryside - so easily that you might not even remember it's there! The range of uses is wide. For most ATV drivers, the trailer is in fact the accessory used most often. We have a large range of farm trailers and flat-bed trailers in different sizes and different versions, so you should be able to find a model that's right just for you.

An ATV trailer gives you freedom! You can get around wherever you like on your property, and take or remove whatever you need to use or move somewhere else. For example, you can take topsoil to where you need it with the least possible effort, move large stumps to a fire or make light work of the autumn harvest. You have a piece of equipment that may also come in handy when something unexpected happens. Imagine that a big dog or a sheep breaks its leg out in the country - if this happens, an ATV can save the day.

With an ATV trailer you can cope with demanding transport jobs

An ATV trailer with a tipper simplifies your working life and is ideal if you need to transport gravel, stone, feed and salt stones to a pen, chopped firewood or coarse garden refuse, etc. Are you looking for a trailer for a particular purpose? A water trailer with a tank, for example? In our range, you stand a good chance of finding just what you need.

An ATV trailer with a winch gives you several functions in the same piece of equipment. If you are a hunter, for example, you can winch an elk or other game onto the trailer and drive your prey home at your leisure. We also have two-wheeled transport trailers which are light and manoeuvrable but nevertheless have room for an EU pallet, and are stable enough to cope with a substantial load even when you are out in the country.

An ATV trailer is sold by Kellfri with clear information about dimensions, weight and maximum load. This makes it easier for you to find the trailer that suits the purpose you want to use it for. Do you use your ATV in combination with a tractor, or do you use it for most things? This, of course, affects your choice of ATV trailer.

Whether you do normal garden work and only need room for a clearing saw, or you want to transport up to one and a half tonnes of timber off road with your trailer, we have suitable models for you. Several of the trailers can be upgraded with various accessories, so you receive them customised to your situation.

An ATV is inexpensive in relation to everything you can use it for. What's more, the models you will find here at Kellfri are built for a long service life. We work on a long-term basis, and we know it pays to offer quality products at good prices.

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  • {"id":"b-23-TV10HBB3","name":"Battery box for tipping trailer ATV 1420 kg","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-DATV","name":"ATV Dolly","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Trailers","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-21-SV07","name":"ATV forestry trailer with crane winch","category":"ATV equipment/Forestry trailers & accessories ATV/Forestry trailers","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV15ATV","name":"ATV tipping trailer, 1.5 tonnes","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Trailers","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV07ST4","name":"Bolster kit for ATV forestry trailers, 4 circular bolsters with attachments","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV07FB","name":"Extended tailgate for TV07PRO forestry trailer","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV06FLPRO","name":"Extension bracket for tipping trailer ATV 500 kg PRO","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Accessories for trailers ATV","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV15ATVFH","name":"Extension sides for TV15ATV","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-21-1471031","name":"LED work light incl. 20 cm cable","category":"ATV equipment/Forestry trailers & accessories ATV/Accessories for Forestry Trailers ATV","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-R23-TV10H.019","name":"Quick release spring latch for TV10H","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Accessories for trailers ATV","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-21-9425089","name":"Rearview camera incl. monitor and 20 m connection cable","category":"ATV equipment/Forestry trailers & accessories ATV/Accessories for Forestry Trailers ATV","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV07V3","name":"Road scraper 3-blade for TV07PRO with weight box","category":"ATV equipment/Road / Snow / Ice ATV/Road drag","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV10HJS","name":"Stabilisers with wheels","category":"ATV equipment/Accessories for ATV equipment","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV07PRO","name":"Tipping and forestry trailer ATV PRO","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Trailers","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV10H","name":"Tipping trailer ATV 1,420 kg with electrical hydraulic tipper","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Trailers","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-TV06PRO","name":"Tipping trailer ATV 500 kg with galvanized tread plate","category":"ATV equipment/Trailers & accessories ATV/Trailers","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-VV","name":"Trailer for water tank for ATVs/Quads","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Paddock","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-VT800","name":"Water tank 800 l","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Paddock","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-23-VV800","name":"Water trailer ATV","category":"Animal Husbandry/Horses/Paddock","price":"0"}