Hexagonal aluminium feeder with roof, 12 feed openings

Stable aluminium feeder without spaces between the sections.

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Product no. 34-FHHXA

New-generation aluminium feeder for the smaller animals

• Sealed sections
• Tarpaulin roof
• 12 feed openings with 41.5 cm width
• Inner dimensions: smallest dimension 165 cm, longest dimension 195 cm
• Height 160 cm
• Aluminium

Strong tubular frames in each section, assembled adjacent to each other with no gap in between. Domed nuts to reduce the risk of injury by sharp edges.

When filling, you lift the feeder and place it over the bale. The feeder's light aluminium materials make it easy to lift without straining back and shoulders.

The entire feeder is made of aluminium. Feeder for the smaller animals.

NOTE! Any plastic film/netting around the hay bale must be removed before use.


Delivery and assembly

The feeder has 4 sections and 12 covered tombstone railings, which are assembled onsite. The feeder is supplied with a steel frame. Domed nuts, tarpaulin roof and cabel ties are included.


Why is it a good idea to use a feeder?

• You reduce wastage as the animals do not trample around in rejected roughage.
• You improve the hygiene of the feeding area by minimising the risk of contamination.
• It takes less time to tidy the feeding area and you need to throw less roughage onto the manure heap.


Please consider your livestock and their needs when choosing a feeder.  Always follow your country´s agricultural rules and animal welfare regulations.


Important factors to consider when choosing a feeder for horses

Even though horses all belong to the same species, there are many different breeds, and therefore different behaviours, from long nerve fibres to short explosive nerve fibres. You know your horses' behaviour and what is best for them, and in order to avoid injuries we ask you to think about how the horses react in various contexts where a feeder is involved.

The number of horses that can gather around a feeder is decisive for the size of the feeder and how many feeders are appropriate. Remember that the less space there is around a feeder, the greater is the risk of injury. You yourself are responsible for your choice of feeder model, since you know your horses best.

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