Feeder with covered tombstone railings for horses, 12 openings

Circular feeder with covered tombstone railings and three openable sections.
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Product no. 34-FRB

Circular feeder with covered tombstone railings, for those with several horses in a field

• Circular with external diameter 230 cm
• Covered tombstone railings
• 12 feed openings
• For those who want to put a whole bale in the feeder
• Height 120 cm

The tombstone railings give 12 feed openings, but how many eat from the feeder simultaneously depends on the rank and hierarchy in the herd. The tombstone railings are covered, which reduces the risk of horses getting their legs caught, sturdy tubular frame with attachment all the way down to the bottom.

The feeder is circular and all silage bale sizes fit in the feeding ring. The feeding ring has a strong tubular frame at the top and bottom.

There are three openable sections which are attached together with a long bolt which goes from the top to the bottom of the ring. The distance between the bolt and the edge of the section is 7.5/4.5 cm, which reduces the risk of a horse getting a hoof stuck. The height of the frame is 50 cm.

When filling, you either open the sections or insert the bale from above. When you want to move the feeder, all you have to do is turn it on its side and roll it away, or lift it with the pallet forks.

The entire feeder is galvanised for a long service life.

NOTE! Any plastic film/netting around the hay bale must be removed before use.

Supplied unassembled.


Why is it a good idea to use a feeder?
• You reduce wastage as the animals do not trample around in rejected roughage.
• You improve the hygiene of the feeding area by minimising the risk of contamination.
• It takes less time to tidy the feeding area and you need to throw less roughage onto the manure heap.


Please consider your livestock and their needs when choosing a feeder.  Always follow your country´s agricultural rules and animal welfare regulations.

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