Feeder with grille gate for horses, 8 openings

1.5 x 1.5 m feeder with hinged grille gates and roof with protection arch.

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Product no. 34-FHH8

Feeder with 8 feed openings, designed and adapted for horses

• 8 feed openings
• Grille gates
• Adjustable roof height
• 2 base supports provide good stability
• Adapted for round/large bales

The grille gates, made of robust tubing with 50 mm of space between them, provide a high level of safety and ensure the roughage stays in the feeder.

Feed can be replenished quickly and easily by opening any of the four grille gates which open out to the side. Opening width 130 cm. Two 325 m wide feed openings on each side of each grille gate ensure minimal feed waste.

The roof is height-adjustable to offer the best protection against precipitation, and is also fitted as standard with a protection arch all the way around to offer the horses maximum safety.

The entire feeder is galvanised for a long service life.

NOTE! Any plastic film/netting around the hay bale must be removed before use.

Supplied unassembled.


Using the feeder gives you a number of benefits:
• Reduction in feed waste
• Improved hygiene at the feeder
• Less feed is required as it is not trampled on or not eaten by the animals


Please consider your livestock and their needs when choosing a feeder.  Always follow your country´s agricultural rules and animal welfare regulations.

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