Feeder for sheep

Why should you use a feeder?

If you feed your sheep roughage outdoors, a feeder is an alternative to be recommended - you reduce feed waste and improve hygiene around the feed opening. With less feed waste on the ground, the sheep benefit from better feed hygiene, since they do not trample around in the feed or lie down in it, and you spend less time clearing up rejected food. You save both time and money by using a feeder as a feed system.

We have several types of feeders for sheep, so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

How do you choose a feeder?

When you choose a feeder for your sheep, you should take into account how many animals you have in the same pasture, so that you never have fewer feed openings than animals, how big your animals are, whether they are horned, and where you want to position your feeder.

You also need to take the size of your bales into account. You can choose between a circular feeder with a diameter of 1.7 m and feeders with a roof if you want to protect the feed against precipitation and get the bale up off the ground. All types of feeder are easy to refill and easy to move.

Important to bear in mind when choosing a feeder for sheep

You know your sheep best, and you know their behaviour from your feeding procedure, and we ask you to think about how they react in various contexts where a feeder is involved, so that no injuries occur.

The number of sheep that can gather around a feeder is decisive for the size of the feeder and how many feeders are appropriate. Remember that the less space there is around a feeder, the greater is the risk of injury, because both competition and pressure can be too great if there are too many sheep using the same feeder.

You yourself are responsible for your choice of feeder model, since you know your sheep best.

It is important to follow the regulations of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

We also have feeders for horses - click here, and feeders for cattle - click here.

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  1. Feeder for sheep, 24 feed openings
    Feeder for sheep, 24 feed openings

    Reinforced feeder for sheep, with replaceable feeder bars.

  2. Adjustable central rail for 34-SF
    Adjustable central rail for 34-SF
    Suitable for sheep feeder, 1.7 m ø.
  3. Feeder for sheep, 1.7 m ø
    Feeder for sheep, 1.7 m ø
    Galvanised circular feeder for sheep, 24 feed openings.
  4. Roofed feeder for sheep
    Roofed feeder for sheep

    Large bale feeder with adjustable feeding gates, 22 openings

4 Items

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