Pasture topper 2.75 m

Pasture topper 2.75 for effective cutting and topping of varying terrain.

Powerfully constructed pasture topper for cultivation of varying terrain.

• 2.75 m working width
• 3 rotors, 6 blades
• Best grassland cutting performance
• Robust design
• Height adjustable wear skids.

Kellfri's pasture topper is the specialist on large and small grasslands. The pasture topper is designed for efficient cutting and topping of grass and fields in mixed terrain.

Its powerful square profile frame gives it good durability and strength. The pasture topper is a versatile, robust and dependable grassland topper with six bolted, specially shaped blades that fold out of the way in the event of collision with obstacles.

The pasture topper has a highly efficient gearbox with alloyed steel gears to ensure sustainable and safe power transmission. The machine is equipped with height adjustable wear skids for customised cutting height and height adjustable metal guards to counteract stone chipping.

The machine is supplied as standard with a PTO drive shaft and transmission oil.

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Product no. 35-FMF275

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