Poultry netting for round bales, suspendable, SlowFeeder

Suspendable slow feeding netting for hay and silage bales for horses.

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Product no. 47-1321606

Suspendable slow feeding netting for hay and silage bales for horses

• Increases the horse's well-being through the slow intake of haylage
• Suspended with the help of the rope that has an integrated attachment link
• Robust mesh with 45 x 45 mm wide feed openings
• Soft material for gentleness against the horse’s muzzle
• Reduces roughage waste

Suitable for all types of horses that are fed with haylage

By suspending poultry netting for round bales, you are doing yourself, the horses and your wallet a favour. It’s easy to suspend, it reduces feed waste and you know that the horse is eating at a gentle pace.

Another major advantage is that the hay does not end up on the ground, where it becomes dirty and trampled down, which can lead to certain health risks if the animals ingest this. 

Slow feeding - promotes the horse’s well-being

The horses are able to eat at a calm and controlled pace, thanks to the large square openings of 45 x 45 mm. Slow feeding promotes the horse’s well-being as it gives leisurely and more natural intake of feed. The hay is pushed out through the netting as the horse eats. When feeding time gets a little longer, behavioural and digestive problems can be avoided.

The material is both hard-wearing and durable

The suspendable poultry netting is made of a soft material for maximum gentleness against the horse’s muzzle. The poultry netting is also made of UV-protected polypropylene material that promises durability and weather resistance over a long period of time. The poultry netting can be suspended both outdoors and indoors.

The size of the poultry netting for round bales is 180 cm high and 150 cm in diameter.