Here at Kellfri you will find the products that make your life with horses a little easier. Horses are likeable and sociable animals, and it is just as important to look after the areas they live in as it is to look after the horses themselves. Whether you're looking for products for the stable or pens or for horse equipment, you'll find it in our range.


Horses are large animals and require quite a lot of space when they are grazing. If you are planning to construct a pen, you can find all imaginable accessories here. If you need to extend or renew, we also have products to meet your needs.

At Kellfri you will find everything needed to make things safer for the horses while they are outside. We have a complete range including posts, electric tape and rope, fence energisers and accessories such as insulators and digging bars. These components are important in order for your pen to be optimised, for your safety and for your horse's.

You will also find products that help you to look after places where there is a lot of activity. After many circuits of the paddock it can easily become rutted and messy. In this case it makes sense to invest in a paddock harrow to level out the substrate. The paddock harrow is easy to attach to your ATV or quad, and the job is done quickly.

If you have the right products, you reduce the wear and tear on your body and get the job done quickly and effectively.

Feed and water equipment

Horses need fresh water and access to feed. Here at Kellfri you will find quality products that help you to achieve better health for your horse. By investing in a feeder you reduce feed waste and save money at the same time. A feeder also keeps the horse's feeding place clean and fresh, and reduces bacteria formation.

When you provide a water supply for a horse, it's recommended that you invest in a drinking bowl with a pressure tongue. This means that your horse always has access to fresh water straight from the tap, and you reduce the risk of stagnant water, which can easily become unhealthy if it stands still too long.


Are you keen to update your stable? Among other products, we have flexible saddle stands, sound- and heat-insulating stable mats and window grilles for stalls with windows.

You'll find all this and much more at Kellfri!

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