Water supply

Water supply equipment for horses in stables, pens or fields. A drinking bowl gives the horse access to clean water at all times and there is no need to carry heavy buckets.

Drinking bowl

We have a wide range of drinking bowls for horses. When buying a horse drinking bowl, it is important that it is adapted to how the horse drinks. A rule of thumb is that the drinking bowl should have a water flow of about 8 litres per minute and the valve must not be sluggish. If the horse has to press too much with its muzzle, it may tire of trying and not drink enough water.

Heated bucket

With a heated bucket in the pen, the horses always have access to frost-free water. The Isobar heated bucket is a very popular model, available in several sizes. The heated bucket is connected with a heating cable to prevent the water freezing in the pipe. We offer heating pipes of various lengths, making it possible to supply water to pens a long way from the stable.

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