Sheep fencing & Sheep netting

At Kellfri we have many years' knowledge of animals, not least sheep. So we know that it is important to invest in good, stable sheep fencing or sheep netting. Sheep, just like all other domestic animals, need a safe environment when they go out into green pastures. 

Different types of netting and fencing

There are different types of sheep fencing or sheep netting, depending on the requirements you and your sheep have. Here at Kellfri you will find simple sheep netting in galvanised steel, which is very suitable for smaller to medium-sized enclosures with not too many animals.

For increased security, we also have netting that can be energise, but works just as well without current. Bear in mind that if you choose energised netting you might need to check the outgoing current again, as sheep have a lot of wool which protects against shocks.

Kellfri's sheep fencing and sheep netting are easy to erect to suit your own needs, i.e. you yourself customise and design your enclosures. Sheep fencing needs to be fixed in place with the aid of fence posts.

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