Sheep gate 1.5 m

Build pens quickly and easily with Kellfri's galvanised sheep gates.

Build pens for your sheep quickly and easily.

• Length 1.5 m
• Height 1.2 m
• Tubing dimension 20 mm
• Distance between horizontal tubular pipes from bottom of gate, in cm: 8/8/9/10/13/14/16
• The height to the topmost tubular pipe is 107 cm
• Galvanised

Stable and flexible with metal rings for easy connection, no loose parts.

Sheep gate with opening

For safe passage of people and animals you can add a gate with an opening – read more here.

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Product no. 25-F1500
  • {"id":"b-25-FVF","name":"Wall bracket sheep gate","category":"Agriculture/Gates and livestock housing fixtures/Sheep gates","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-25-F1200D","name":"Sheep gate with opening","category":"Agriculture/Gates and livestock housing fixtures/Sheep gates","price":"0"}