Sheep gates

Sheep gates from Kellfri have a number of smart areas of use. For example, they can act as a temporary enclosure or as a passage when sheep are being moved. The sheep gate is versatile and easy to handle, which is an advantage especially when you need to move both gates and sheep. At Kellfri, we have taken this into consideration.

Our gates have been designed to be versatile and easy to move, lift and adjust to suit your requirements. The gates are also stable, and stand firmly on most surfaces without sinking or wobbling.

Do you need a bigger enclosure or a temporary pen for your sheep? No problem. With Kellfri's gates, you can easily connect several gates together, thanks to their flexible connecting system. The gates also come with rings that are put on the top rail of the gates and thus hold them together. Simple to connect together and equally simple to take apart.

If you're looking for something even more versatile, we can recommend our aluminium sheep gate. With a weight of only 8 kg, it can be carried around the farm without injuring your arms, neck, back or legs.

We also have sheep fencing and sheep netting. Read more here.

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