Feeder incl. self-locking headgates for cattle, 12 feed openings

Feeder, 2 x 2 m, front with head gates, three sturdy base supports and four opening sides.

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Feeder for cattle with self locking headgates

• 12 feed openings
• Gates with self locking headgates
• Adjustable roof height
• 3 base supports provide good stability
• Adapted for round/large bales

A sturdy feeder with external dimensions 200 x 200 cm, with 12 head gates, and the feed openings are adjustable to suit the size of the animals.

With gates

Feed can be replenished quickly and easily by opening any of the four gates, which open out to the side. The width of the opening is 190 cm and all silage bale sizes fit in the feeder.

With roof

The feed is well protected against the weather under the roof, and is thus always fresh and clean when the animals feed. There is a protection arch on the roof gables to provide maximum safety for the animals, and the roof is height-adjustable so that you can adapt the height to the size of the animals.


Reinforcements in the roof and floor make the feeder extremely stable, and three base supports ensure that it is stable and does not sink into the ground in wet conditions.

For stable and safe transportation there are pallet fork insertion points. The entire feeder is galvanised for a long service life.

The FHL is most suitable for dehorned animals.

Why we recommend using a feeder

• We have customers who have seen as much as 20% reduction in the amount of feed they use, but of course savings vary.
• It improves the hygiene of the feeding site, which minimises the risk of contamination.
• Easier to clean the feeding site, plus you don't need to expend as much effort in throwing trampled feed away.

You use less feed, improve hygiene and save time! 

Supplied unassembled.

Also available with 14 feed openings, see here.

More Information
Tombstone railing 43 mm ø
Feed openings 12 feed openings
Total width 2,000 mm
Total length 2,000 mm
Weight 422 kg
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