Feeder with covered tombstone rails, 12 openings

Round feeder with sealed joints and covered tombstone rails.

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Round feeder with sealed joints and covered tombstone rails

• Round external diameter 230 cm
• Sealed sections
• Covered tombstone rails
• 12 feed openings
• For those who want to put a whole bale in the feeder
• Height 110 cm
• Hot-dip galvanised

For those who want to have a lot of animals in the pen, the feeder has room for twelve animals, but how many eat simultaneously depends on type of animal and hierarchy in the flock.

The feeder consists of four sections and 12 covered tombstone rails attached right down to the bottom. The tombstone rails lock the sections in place as the rail legs are fitted on either side of the joint. All parts are fitted with domed nuts, no sharp edges that the animals can scrape against.

Covered tombstone rails.

Tombstone rail all the way to the bottom.
When filling, you insert the bale from the top, or lift the feeder up and place it over the bale. When you want to move the feeder, all you have to do is turn it on its side and roll it away, or lift it with a fork lift.

Tombstone rail all the way to the bottom.
The entire feeder is hot-dip galvanised for a long service life.

Why is it a good idea to use a feeder?

• You reduce wastage as the animals do not trample around in rejected roughage.
• You improve the hygiene of the feeding area by minimising the risk of contamination.
• It takes less time to tidy the feeding area and you need to throw less roughage onto the manure heap.

You use less feed, improve hygiene and save time!

Supplied unassembled.

More Information
Diameter 2,300 mm
Feed openings 12 x
Height 1,100 mm
Tubular pipe dimension 42 mm
Total height 1,100 mm (485 mm)
Weight 119 kg
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