Grapple loader 4.2 m

Forestry trailer crane with extension boom, 4.2 m reach. For smaller forestry trailers.

Hydraulic crane with extension boom for longer reach.

Forestry trailer with superior movement pattern and strength, the crane is also fitted with an extension boom for longer reach to access the timber. Reach 4.2 m. The crane fits smaller forestry trailers.

The grapple loader has 2-lever valve block 21-VP8-25-2S as standard, and angled boom for maximum strength. Comfort hinge between first boom and outer boom for optimum movement pattern.

The crane has top-mounted cylinders for first boom and outer boom, hidden hoses, hose wear guard on exposed places as well as impact protection on the fully rotating rotator, which minimises exterior damage to hoses and couplings.

Kellfri KG08 grapple with hydraulics in protected location. The crane can be additionally equipped with Kellfri's winch, KW1000 remote-controlled, bucket inserts are available for the grapple.

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Product no. 21-GL42
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