Timber tongs

Powerful grip for lifting and moving logs and branches

Timber tongs with powerful grip for lifting and moving logs and branches

• Easy to handle
• Robust galvanised steel construction
• Multiple areas of use
• Easy opening and closing
• Jaw opening 29 cm

Forestry work is heavy. But one thing is certain, the more helpful tools you have in the forest, the easier your job is. One such tool that every professional and small-scale logger should have in the forest are timber tongs.

Timber tongs act as a claw that grips around or onto logs and branches when operating a cable crane or winch. With the help of the tongs' joints and the traction of the winch/crane, the claw locks onto the log when hoisting. It is equally easy to open the tongs when the winch cable is not taut.

Instead of wrapping the winch cable around the log, the timber tongs take a firm grip around or onto the log, thereby protecting and reducing wear on the cable and carabiner.

The timber tongs are made of galvanised steel and can withstand rough treatment.

Can be used for most types of cable cranes and winches with carabiners, such as forestry and timber trailers, ATVs/UTVs, etc.

Tip! After prolonged use, ensure that the jaws of the tongs are sharp so that they adequately grip the log.


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