Wood chopper grapple 180

Wood Chopper Grapple extends the range of applications on your timber trailer.

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Product no. 21-TK18

Extend the range of uses for your timber trailer

Change from ordinary grapple to Kellfri's Wood Chopper Grapple in about ten minutes and extend the range of applications.

Simple to fit and use, no additional hydraulic outlets or electrical connections.

When the grapple is fully open, the oil flows across to open the blade and tilt it up. When the grapple is completely closed around the log, all the power is transferred to the blade, which cuts 18 cm ø saplings and 30 cm ø bushes. When the cutting operation is completed, the tilt piston releases and the trunks are loaded or placed in piles for subsequent forwarding.

A single operation is all it takes to reset the hydraulics, and you have an ordinary grapple for flexible unloading.

Protected hydraulics and robust design guarantees trouble-free operation.

Field edges, ditches and small thinnings, conserve energy and achieve better forestry returns.

The images shows the wood chopper grapple in green. The chopper grapple is delivered in another colour yellow and black.

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