Strimmer, front mounted, Euro

Front mounted strimmer with Euro attachment, for easy access under fencing wire.

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Front mounted strimmer - the specialist under fencing wire

• Powerful blades 
• Hydraulic side shift adjustment 
• Large number of possible settings 
• Powerful spring-loaded cutting disc 
• Front mounted to give a good overview 

Efficient strimmer for the tractor's frontloader, with Euro attachment.

A front mounted strimmer is ideal for you if you want to have a good overview while you are cutting. Attaching the strimmer to your Euro attachment gives you a better view of the cutting head, enabling you to cut with greater precision.

The strimmer is side-mounted in a frame for your Euro loader. The strimmer head can be manually adjusted inwards or outwards from your frontloader, giving you greater reach. The head is also jointed to enable it to follow the ground.

Spring-loaded cutting disc

With hydraulic side shift adjustment and spring-loaded cutting disc for effective cutting under fences and close to buildings, railings and road verges. The guard plate hits the post and springs back out of the way to return to its starting position, ensuring a close cut around the post.

The head is spring-loaded, so that if it hits a post the guard plate and head spring backwards. The spring function allows you to cut right under the fencing wire and around your posts without adjusting the tractor's direction of travel.

Powerful abradable blades mounted on a blade arm to cope with uneven vegetation. A guard plate underneath prevents the blades from hitting the ground and allows you to position the disc against the ground and easily operate forwards at an even height. 

Powerful abradable blades.

Hydraulic engine.

25 cc hydraulic engine from Parker (built-in pressure limiter)

The Parker engine gives you a safe, dependable product of the highest quality and a maintenance-free engine that operates the blades with hydraulic oil pressure.

Supplied with frame for mounting cutting head, Euro attachment, hoses with ½" male coupling and stabiliser for parking.

Illustrations show strimmer with attachment to fit Trima.

More Information
Working width 800 mm
Blades 2
Length Outstretched position: 1850 mm from the centre frame to the centre of the hydraulic motor
Folded position: 1100 mm från from centre frame to the centre of the hydraulic motor
Engine Parker 25 cc (built-in pressure limiter)
Oil flow At least 30 l/min
Rotors 1