Horse stall front

High-quality stall fronts for horses. Select the stall front that is best for you and your horses. Our stall fronts are designed to suit all needs, so whether you have large or small stables there is something for you. The stall fronts can be ordered with pine panelling, plastic panelling or without panelling if you want to use your own materials.

The Exclusive stall front is a stall door with openable hatch and swing door. All grilles sections are galvanised for maximum service life.

The stall front can be fitted with a feeding flap and gold bosses for that luxury finish.

A front with a sliding door is a minimalistic version that is ideal for larger stables. Easy-to-slide doors and flaps that can be opened are a number of the details stall fronts are fitted with. The grille section of the front door can also be galvanised.

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