Feeder for horses and cattle, 1.25 m ø

Circular feeder with canvas fabric, 1.25 m ø

Feeder for horses and cattle 1.25 m ø

• Canvas type
• Weight 29 kg
• Height 67 cm
• 6 sections attached to one another

The feeder is ideal for those who feed their horses and cattle outdoors in a pen or on pasture. This feeder has a hot-dip galvanised steel frame and a canvas fabric, making it both light and flexible and therefore more gentle if an animal bumps into it.

The inside dimensions of the feeder measures 1270 mm and consists of six sections that are fastened together. The canvas fabric is smooth and soft, and is fastened around the frame. The feeder weighs 32.8 kg and is therefore easy to transport and move, so you can easily place it where you want the animals to eat.

NOTE! Any plastic film/netting around the hay bale must be removed before use.

Supplied unassembled.


When you choose a feeder for horses or cattle, remember to choose one suited to the animals' needs and to the number of animals that will gather round the feeder. If a number of animals share a feeder where there is insufficient room for all of them, you risk creating competition for feed among the animals. You know your own livestock best, and you yourself are responsible for their safety. So choose a feeder with care.


Please consider your livestock and their needs when choosing a feeder.  Always follow your country´s agricultural rules and animal welfare regulations.

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