Here at Kellfri you will find tractors that satisfy the requirements of a wide range of tasks. Whether for work on the farm, in the forest or on the road, we have a tractor to suit your particular purposes and requirements.

4WD as standard – plus a little extra

Our tractors are versatile, flexible and have 4WD as standard, which guarantees accessibility in terrain with uneven ground. With high ground clearance, you can drive safely over small stumps, branches and other material that would otherwise damage the chassis. Sitting comfortably in the cab, you have full control of your tractor, with all important levers easily accessible.

Our tractors are available in various sizes, but all of them can cope with the majority of jobs. All tractors can be additionally equipped with a frontloader, which enables lifts of bales, bags or other loose materials, for examples. Our tractors are also registered as vehicles, ECC-certified and approved to drive on public roads.

Our tractors have plenty of horsepower - 35 and 50 hp, which gives them the power they need in all situations, and in spite of their sizes they have a low ground pressure, which enables accessibility even on sensitive substrates. This means that you can drive over the substrate with causing any direct or substantial damage.

Lovol – and not only!

Here at Kellfri you will find Lovol, one of the world's leading tractor manufacturers. Besides 50,000 tractors per year, it also manufactures agricultural and construction machinery that is exported to more than 120 countries. Thanks to the service we provide for all our vehicles, and the checks all along the line, we can guarantee you a tractor that lasts longer.

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  1. Tractor 35 hp 4wd with cab
    Tractor 35 hp 4wd with cab

    35 hp tractor with cab and four wheel drive from Lovol.

  2. Tractor 50 hp 4wd with cab
    Tractor 50 hp 4wd with cab

    Tractor 50 hp 4wd with cab Lovol.

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